Real life


Last night, I heard a delicious word… predilections.
I was visiting with a group of polys – already intrigued with the possibilities – and more than once, they made me blush (not the easiest thing to do).
I found myself relaxing quite quickly. Ah, but that was partly due to the fact that I had been thinking about them for over a year now, and wondering… such wondering. I valued their trust, I appreciated their candor, and I enjoyed their company.
Then I heard it (was it L who said it first?)
“Does she know about our other predilections?”
And I felt my breath catch a bit… I had hoped… I had even surmised (mostly because of what seemed like dom vibes from D over a year ago)
Please please don’t let them be cutters (no offense, but not my scene)
Then they began to discuss how they hadn’t wanted to share this information sooner – which really gave me pause….
Please please don’t let this be a group of water-sports enthusiasts (again, golden showers… just not something that gets my – er – juices flowing)
Could I be so lucky to find a group of folks who were smart, witty, open, AND shared the right sort of kink?
They finally came out with it – lord love ’em – BDSM.

No matter where it goes from here… platonic or physical… I’m glad I’m getting to know all of them better.

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