Real life

It’s your closet

J read the post about my poly visit and inquired about their identity… where I met them, etc. I told her that I’d no sooner divulge identifying or intimate information about them to her than I would share information about her with them. She said she didn’t mind if I shared her information with anyone.

Thanks, J, I know you’re reading this sweetie.
Now I know that I can talk about you openly if I wish.

The conversation got me to thinking, though. Maybe some of the folks in my life are nervous about me blogging.

Here’s my promise: Know that if  you are involved with me in any intimate way (sexually or not) that your identity… your secrets… are safe. That’s why I use initials. You’ll know who you are, imho, when you read an entry. I know a few D‘s, and a couple of K‘s. I know a ridiculously large number of S‘s… you get my point. I only use the initials because it keeps me from the tedium of creating aliases and  eliminates those difficult-to-read paragraphs riddled with “my friend” and “my other friend” etc.

I will never share the intimate details of our time together unless we both want it out there. Choice is a big deal for me. I believe in consensual sex. Disclosure about that activity should be consensual as well.

What you choose to keep in your closet is your fucking business. What I keep in mine is mine. If you choose to keep yourself in that safe space? It’s your absolute right. I won’t out anyone about anything. I respectfully request demand the same of you. Don’t out me.

Phew, that’s out of the way.

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