Getting down to business

It’s a trigger for me – in a happy good way – seeing a man roll up his sleeves. It’s especially nice if the motions are slow and methodical. If he loosens his tie first? Oh my. These arms actually belong to our President.  😉

I suppose it’s the juxtaposition… the starched button-up shirt, the tie, the formality… and then the idea of getting down to business, but in a very controlled way. Dread and desire inextricably intertwined… yes.

So, if Barack Sir needs to call me into the oval office for some discipline? I’m ready. Just sayin’

Disclaimer: Dear CIA, FBI, Black Ops, Secret Service and any other government entity… I’m kidding, kidding. I do not want to do the president or be done by the president. He seems like a perfectly nice uber-hetero-monogamous kinda guy. Michelle doesn’t strike me as the sharing kind, either. I think he has sexy arms, though, and a nice tailor. Please don’t arrest me. Thanks.

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