Real life

What Wawbat’s been up to…

Wawbat has…

  • undergone a root canal (the first step)
  • been taking vicodin
  • been taking her penicillin (gotta love infections in your jaw)
  • been drinking all of her food
  • a swollen face (I look like a composite of a “before” and “after” picture) that makes my daughter laugh (yes, LAUGH) at me… right to my face, I tell ya, so rude… so very rude

Wawbat has not…

  • slept much
  • had sex
  • been productive

Not my best week, to be sure, but I’m hoping this will get better – and soon. Tomorrow, they should finish the root canal, and schedule my crown procedure. I’d much rather be spending my money on anything else. Hey, it just occurred to me that I own NO sex toys. Nada. Is it weird that I don’t own sex toys? I’d rather buy a dildo than a crown any day of the week. Sigh. But, if I’m going to party with these guys, I need both of my incisors in tip-top shape. I guess it’s a crown.

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