The WWWorld outside

Cousin Cooch?

I think that snarkysnatch may be my vajayjay’s sarcastic younger sister… maybe her cousin? I see a family resemblance, that’s for sure.

If you are frustrated by dating or just want to laugh at the life and times of a liberated vagina… a very sarcastic one at that… you owe yourself a visit to her blog.
Seriously dudes (and dude-ettes) it’s time well-spent.
She’s the Daria of Online Adult Dating.

For those of you sayin’ “Daria, who? wha?”
Oh, for chrissake, read… learn… DARIA

Snarkysnatch shoves her long and lovely missives into my inbox daily – ahem – sometimes more than once a day.
Deliciously naughty girl. Check her out.

In case you missed all the links to her blog above, or are simply too lazy to scroll back up, here’s another link. I’m an enabler, what can I say?

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