Real life

Shoes to wear to bed

Out and about today, trying to get errands all out of the way so I can enjoy some time with K and Mom tomorrow morning and afternoon, and then spend the evening with two special people. I’m looking forward to that a lot.

My crocs are dying – yes, I wear crocs. In my defense (do I need a defense?) they aren’t the regular croc but ones that are passable footwear for work.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am not a ‘shoe’ chick. Lessee, I have the birkenstocks, a black web, a black trouser shoe, the crocs in two colors… is that it? oh, no, I also have a pair of tennis shoes. I’m fairly certain that my shoe stash is far smaller than the average.

I am fascinated by shoes, though, especially the ones that people manage to get their feet into… and manage to walk in successfully.

Today, I walked by this lovely duo and had to stop, to marvel at their shiny sparkly come-fuck-me splendor.

These are not my cup of tea… no siree. Are they yours?

‘Cause if you’re the cinderella who can slip into them with ease, feel free to wear them in my bed.


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