Real life

’twas a good day to be a wawbat

Today, I…

  • had the chance to paint for fun and without deadline
  • learned that cell phones don’t like to be punched – at least not in the face
  • enjoyed a nice tofu wrap
  • experienced two hailstorms of epic (think plagues of Egypt) proportion
  • shared the quiet before that storm – and the storm itself – with a special person
  • gave an itsy bitsy spider a ride on my hand nearly all the way to freedom before he lept off… just seconds away from that promised land… ungrateful s.o.b.
  • saw approximately 1,000 dead lady bugs, more than a few live ones, and managed to liberate only one
  • discovered that there really is no gold at the end of a rainbow, even a double one
  • learned that if I’m forced to stand in one spot without thinking, for even a few seconds, I can hear my heartbeat in my ears

All in all… ’twas a good day to be a wawbat
And now, there’s a book calling my name.

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