Real life

WordPress Therapy

The last time I spoke to T on the phone, she said I sounded giddy.

I did.

I was.

She’s known me for awhile and her opinion matters to me.  She understands the need to be accepted and understood… to find a place where you can be yourself.

You are inspiring to me, T, an unflinchingly brave warrior princess. I’ve learned so much from you.

So, yuh, I’m a wee bit giddy. I’ve found kindred spirits with whom I can be more authentic… unapologetically so. That makes me happy.

This morning, T texted to say that it was nice to get stuff out of the brain into writing… that it could be therapeutic for me. I think she’s correct. Plus, it’s cheaper… lol… though a little of the paid couch-time would likely be a good idea. Been awhile since I saw a professional!

Love you, T. Glad you’re in my corner. Thank you.

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