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Those of you who were alive and riding nerdy in the 80’s will remember a little game called Dungeons & Dragons. I don’t remember much about the particulars of the game (I was a cleric) but recalling it now brings into sharp focus just how nerdy we really were. It was a secretive thing for my small group; ’twas verboden by our religious parents and our Christian school. We’d huddle in the basement with our graph paper, pencils, and dice wasting hours upon hours in nerdish escapism while our parents thought we were studying. If we were lucky, we’d be able to tune in a rock station (also forbidden) and listen to the Eurythmics, Stevie Nicks, Duran Duran, or Foreigner on the lowest perceptible volume. We’d write down the lyrics and try to decipher their meanings… we’d been told they were laced with satanic message.

We had no clue that we could be doing more enjoyable things with our time, seriously, no fucking clue. Looking back, it’s rather surprising that they allowed us (boys and girls) to be alone without their supervision (such were the constraints in our community) and now I wonder if the parental units weren’t relieved to be rid of us… they were probably upstairs fucking (shudder).

Dungeons & Dragons is on my mind this morning, because we called it D&D – as in Dee&Dee. Nobody – save the ministers who thundered about its evilness from American pulpits – really called it “Dungeons and Dragons.”

It was D&D. Those initials now conjure up something altogether different in my mind.

This morning, I awoke wet with arousal. I scrambled mentally to recall what I must have been dreaming about to get me in such a state, before it escaped into the vapors like most dreams do. I came up empty, then glanced to the bedside where a book lay… dog-eared from last night’s reading.

Ah… I think my nocturnal visitors were likely D&d.

Gotta go, it’s my turn to roll the dice

DuranDuran Video Bumped to appease the Masses

A Rush song (Lock and Key) that was NOT overplayed, at least not that I recall

Hungry Like the Wolf

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Jukebox Hero

Stand Back

6 thoughts on “D&D

    • Not a fan of Duran Duran, eh? Pat Benatar? Madonna? Quiet Riot? Rush? Queen? I want you to be happy… it’s important. What would YOU like to listen to? I’ll toss it up online, grab the dice and the graph paper and you can be the dungeon master.

      • Well, if we’re gonna game, you can play anything you like, but I’m particularly fond of Rush. Quiet Riot was great, but I’m still waiting for the over-played feeling to pass. I know it’s been 20 years, but I’m just not there yet.

        • Well, there you go… refresh… tried to find one that didn’t get as much airtime but I confess, I forgot how they looked. Did we all look that bad (bad hair, bad clothes, oh my)?

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