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Drive it like you OWN it

I’ve no intention of this becoming a health & fitness blog but this is about accountability – to myself, mostly. Over the last few years, I’ve slowly changed lots of habits in order to be healthier. Soda was the first thing to go – poof – gone. I don’t regret it one bit. Then it was about whole grains, cooking as much of my food as I could, buying organic when possible, avoiding high fructose corn syrup altogether, lowering sodium intake, etc. Whole milk became skim milk which became soy or almond milk. I learned how to make soy milk and tofu from the bean and started sprouting seeds. Hydroponic lettuce is now my new ‘decorative’ kitchen plant. Dehydrated foods and  living/raw foods became more important to me and drive-throughs became a thing of the past. There was a time when I knew the Wendy’s drive-through guy by name (Hi Steve!) and he knew my order before I finished it. That, my friends, is some tragic shit.

The most recent change has been to an ovo-lacto vegetarian lifetsyle.

I’m a big girl, but the dietary changes netted measurable results. Stress test? Clear. Cholesterol? Fine. Blood Pressure? Lowered – no meds needed. Doctors were actually shocked when they read my results.  I’m pleased with the ways I’ve improved my health. This car is getting older, but I own it outright, and she gets me where I need to go. Ah, but she needs to run for another 40 or 50 year and there are few long road trips I’d like her to make.

I can do more.

Exercise is the biggest sticking point for me. I hate doing it, it hurts sometimes, and it takes precious time that I don’t really have to spare…  but I’ve done it before and I love how my body works when I do make it a priority. Because of some health issues, I need to modify some exercises and I absolutely avoid impact – which means cardio+weight training works best for me. Since I need motivation but HATE chirpy exercise gurus (I need someone with a bit of balls but minus the insanity), I’ve turned back to an “old friend

This morning,  I pulled the DVD’s out, dusted off my weights and hit the mat in the basement at 8am.

This is Chalene Johnson

This is Chalene Johnson Kicking my Fucking Ass

Any Questions?


*links in this blog entry are not endorsements (nor are they reimbursed placements) but rather a way of sharing some websites I’ve found helfpul along the way. I don’t know these folks! Never give anybody your hard-earned money on the advice of a blogger! Read, research, ask questions and above all… trust your instincts! If you have questions about my experiences with any of these products, I’d be happy to share.

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