Real life

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a wawbat!

Sometimes, I’m asked why I don’t have pictures of myself online. There are photos of me online – at professional conferences, in meetings, etc.

You won’t be seeing those connected to wawbat – ever – I think. Gosh, I hope.

But, there are some bits and pieces of wawbat imagery online. There are pics of some tats online. From time to time, I may toss in a body part (who knows?!) but mostly it’s just a matter of self-preservation. I like my job and I don’t want to get fired. I have some family members who don’t know about my non-vanilla pursuits. I have a kid who doesn’t want to know too much about what I do! And this is “the internets” which means that once you send it out there… you no longer control it.

I even hesitate when posting my own writing, because it can so easily be lifted. So, are you ever going to see me full-face on here? Ah, nope. But if you want the picasso comic book glimpse at me? Here’s a sliver…

I wonder, what super hero would I be? And what is my super power?

I’m open to suggestions… would prefer no spandex…  Hm… maybe leather… a corset… thinking, thinking

Extra credit if my sidekick is an animal rather than a person-and- if you work some ass-kickin boots into my costume!

T, I know you are up for this challenge. This may be your only opportunity to give me a makeover 😉

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