Real life


It’s a good thing that most of my distractions are out of town this weekend. I’ve let a few things slip over the last two weeks.

I’m not complaining , mind you, but I did some stuff that was extra – not on my schedule.

One of the things that I neglected was my side biz. Consequently, my car is packed to the rafters with stuff that should be delivered by now. No, it doesn’t look like this…

It looks more like this…

Wowza.  One of the deals I have with myself is that I cannot bring certain things into my house. They must remain in the car until they are delivered. Otherwise, I’ll end up on an episode of Hoarders.

So, this weekend I’ll be playing catch-up with that work, make my deliveries, take care of other business and maybe

spend some alone time with my pussy… light a few candles… turn on some music… buy her dinner, even.

Y’know, reconnect in a meaningul way.

But first, the car… must deal with the deliveries… otherwise, people will hear this as I pass ’em by


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