Real life

I’m just that easy

I think it would be hell to live with me. On the one hand, I’m a fantastic human being (top notch, don’tcha know) but I can be demanding, um, judgmental, particular, and… a bit all-consuming, I’d say.

But all-in-all, I’d say that I can be an easy person to please.

I know, those two statements seem contradictory (as Uncle Walt would say, “I contain multitudes”)

My needs may be unique (as in non-normative) but they are few, imho. Take today for example…

I had to visit Gahanna for a quick appointment. While there, I passed a Goodwill I’ve never seen before. I stopped in, and there it was…

Now, you might be thinking, “wtf? it’s just a yellow blender

You’d be right. It is. It’s a yellow blender.

But it’s so much more. Recently, I told K that I wanted an ‘old school’ glass blender. Our plastic one still functions but – it leaves me cold with its gazillion buttons and its easily-scratched plastic-ness. So, I gave that voice and went about my business. And today, there she was. Not only is she glass (a reproduction, not an actual vintage piece) but she’s yellow. And that fits in with the color K picked for our kitchen just perfectly.

This discovery just thrilled me. Over the moon giddy, I was. And the fact that it was $5.99? Tingle… tingle. God, I’m cheap.

I scooped her up and brought her home. K wasn’t nearly as excited as I was (she rarely is) but I’m happy.

Now, add to this serendipitous find the fact that I have plans for Friday that are lip-nibbling exciting? And you’ve got one happy wawbat.


I’m just that easy.

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