Real life / Silliness

The day of the boobie

I guess I’m going to work on Monday… No megamillions for me. Tragic, don’t you think?

The fun part, of course, is the dreaming.You can learn a great deal about yourself (and those around you) by those sentences that begin… “If I win, I’ll…”

In unrelated news, it was National Cleavage Day  on the 30th and I had no clue… did you? I’m not a huge “boob” fan. I’m more of a nipple fanatic. Still, there’s something awesome about ’em all. Big and Small, Young and Old, Firm and Floppy, you just can’t ignore the power of the boob.

Here I sit, ten minutes late for the festivities. Oh what the hell, I can celebrate boobs if I want to celebrate ’em!

I honor the barely there but sweet and sexy Kate…

The quirky Sarah and her peekaboo pic

Sophia, Sophia, Sophia… need I say more?

Beyonce and her great set of pipes (and um… well, yeah)

and let’s not forget… the original STONE COLD diva herself…

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