Real life

WTF? More food?

I know, I know, you’re like WTF?! More food blogging?

So, yeah… I’m taking a hiatus – for about three days – from talking about specific sexual encounters that involve me in any way shape or form. Trust me, you’ll survive.

Just like we survived our mat-less rolls.

And hey, they’re a bit phallic, right? Is that enough to tide you over?

The first one was very lumpy, the second less so, and the third was almost ‘normal’

Still, without the bamboo, it’s just impossible to get the roll nice and tight (see, nice and tight… more sexual fodder). They tasted fine and that’s what matters most.

I looked at a few recipes after having the peanut avocado rolls for the first time recently. Next time, I’ll use more peanuts I think. Hey… cyberfriends… anyone have a tried-and-true recipe for these things?

I’m going to need to get another bamboo mat. I know it’s less than two bucks at practically any grocery store, but I hate that I lost it… or maybe I tossed it in the goodwill pile? Gosh, who knows.

They weren’t perfect… but oh so yummy… Good first attempt. Poor K, I forgot she hated wasabi so much! Luckily, it was off to the side.

And the bonus? Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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