Real life

Dude, did you forget something?

I’m not a fan of the baggy pants fad. Quite frankly, I’ve been waiting for it to pass. I can’t believe it hasn’t passed. Please, let it pass, let it pass!

Very few men can pull it off and it sends a clear message that your business – whatever the hell it is – isn’t terribly serious. If you need both hands to hold up your goddamn pants, I’m assuming you aren’t doing too much with them. I feel the same way about women who sport fingernails so long… we all wonder how they wipe their ass.

But, fellas, if you are going to sport the baggin’ saggin’ look there are a few things that you ought to remember:

  • We don’t want to see dirty underwear
  • We do expect to see some underwear

Saturday, I passed this man on Hudson. The photo catches just a fraction of what I saw, because the pants kept dipping with every few steps and then he’d hike the pants up and the process would repeat.  My friend, C, was in town and I was desperate to share this with him… So I actually went ’round the block to snap a pic.

To clarify, that’s not a brown belt peeking out from between his jacket and jeans. That’s his ass. I got to see all of it.

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