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Chopin? only when it rains… or I clean house… or I have sex

Ah, rain and the music of Chopin. I imagine the two things got intertwined in my brain as a child, listening to the rain on the trailer roof… and always classical music it seemed (well, nearly always).  I forgot I had all these digital files… I’ve been listening to music tonight as I try to catch up on work… and this piece… this piece made me stop. I played piano for a year as a child. I also played the trumpet for a year. I know just enough about music to appreciate the hell out of folks who are good at it.

Funny, as a child, this first piece was somewhat frightening and sad to me… and now? Now it reminds me of a lazy Saturday morning fuck… slow and quiet then building…  thundering… and then slow…nearly playful… and then fast… and then slow? You get the picture.

Orgasms start at 2 minutes 30 seconds in


Chopin Etude Op.10 No.3 in E Major at The Berlin Philharmonic (Lang Lang)

And another favorite. No orgasm here for me, sorry, but it’s great to play when you are cleaning the house…Chopin kicks Beethoven’s ass when housecleaning, I’m just saying.

Chopin Waltz in D Flat Major(Valentina Igoshina)

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