Music / Real life

She’s come undone

Later today… barring any unforeseen circumstances, i will take a frayed length of  red yarn from around my left wrist. i’ve grown accustomed to its presence

It’s been there for weeks… since the morning i placed it there as a proxy of sorts. i was struggling with conflicting emotions. When i gave voice to my worries and fears, He told me that things come and go… that they live and they die… they grow and they fade…

He said,  But be now.

And so, i tied it ’round my wrist. It has reminded me with its constant presence of the constant presence of someone else. i touch it and am reminded that i am a part of something greater.

i belong.

In the now.

It has calmed me in moments of stress… it has challenged me in moments of pride… it has served as a reminder of Him and of T/them… it has tethered me to my tribe… and it has permitted me the luxury of seeing what it is like to carry Him with me 24/7.

It is, however, a placeholder. As such? It is temporary.

i will ask for something more permanent.

Today… i will (nod to kd lang) lay down my walls and fall in trust.

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