Fantasies / Real life


i’ve had this pic for a while … floating around on my computer.

i’m not sure if i want to be this person or i want to take her. Something about it, though… lovely. White cotton, simple, innocent only not at all… just… sigh… the only thing missing? a good thrashing.

i have a love-hate relationship with corsets.

i’ve never been overly fond of any type of restraint… my mother tells tales of the things i’d do to avoid dress shoes – even socks… and i was known as a very small child to strip naked and run around with my mom following the trail of clothing i left like bread crumbs behind me.  But corsets? i find them fascinating.

i’d like to get one, i think… at some point. i may like it. i may not. Who can say?


(Picture source unknown… let me know if it is yours so you can get the credit)


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