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My God, part 3: God is in Cleveland

i got home from Cleveland on Sunday afternoon. It was a good trip, and it has been a busy day back… still loads to do to catch up.

wawbat edit: i popped in to explain – to those who may land here accidentally – that this is not a religious blog and i am not a Christian. i only say this because an occasional soul will begin following my blog based on a post like this and i don’t want to traumatize them when they wander about later… m’kay?

While in Cleveland, i had the chance to see those little sparks… y’know… the ones that point to an organized universe… to the possibility that a God exists… if not a GOD… or perhaps just a very fantastic force of nature.

Like this little landscape

Which reminded me of a mountain range draped in grass and funny trees

But which inhabited just a square foot of space atop a deteriorating pier post… and they were all wonderful microcosms… one post after the other

And the obligatory discarded whiskey bottle which indicated little about a godhead and more about the previous visitor’s personal tastes in beverage and brand… sad little whiskey bottle.  Who emptied you?  Who left you here… just feet away from a trash can?

I spent a bit on the smoking ‘porch’ outside our Venue… just resetting my brain. It was tucked beneath the old stone overpasses which formed curved walls and ceiling… a whimsical ancient-looking place tucked away from the view of commuters and tourists…  a delightful surprise for my senses and a welcome retreat when i needed it most.

So… GOD in Cleveland?  What do you think?
To recap…

1. my GOD has no physical body, therefore my GOD has no race… no gender
2. my GOD created hunger, thirst, and lust. These appetites are not evil and neither is satisfying them… and

3. my GOD is in Columbus and my GOD is in Cleveland, and i’m assuming that my GOD is everywhere (good old omnipresence)

And now… Cleveland ROCKS! (Drew Carey Show)

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