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i’ve fleshed out my greater power, or at least i think i have. This exercise has been frustrating and thought-provoking.  Those who know me are aware of why i’ve been tasked with fleshing out my GOD.

Remember the old agnostic prayer?  “Oh God, if there is a God, save my soul, if I have a soul

i don’t know what that force of life is and i realize now that it doesn’t matter  – if GOD exists… me denying that fact won’t change it, right?  Conversely, if GOD doesn’t exist – all the hoping and believing won’t make it so.

my belief… or lack of belief affects only me.

i call this  greater power… this life force… GOD.  i do so because it makes it easier to talk to other people whose idea of GOD is different than mine. i mean no disrespect… i intend no duplicity.

This life force… this GOD… here’s what i have:

1. my GOD has no physical body, therefore my GOD has no race… no gender
2. my GOD created hunger, thirst, and lust. These appetites are not evil and neither is satisfying them

my GOD is everywhere (good old omnipresence) at least… everywhere that i am
4. my GOD knows everything that has happened. i do not believe that my GOD knows the future… because it would mean that we have no free will… that our lives are already scripted
5. my GOD set the world in motion… through creation or evolution… it matters not… my GOD is the source of life
6. my GOD is powerful but not a bully
7. my GOD loves and wants us to love. my GOD does not hate.
8. my GOD wants me to be self-actualized

Now, here’s the clincher:  i can believe this if i wish

You do not need to believe that my GOD is real.. that my GOD exists.

You don’t even need to believe that i believe that my GOD is real… seriously.

i am choosing to create a belief in something that is outside of wawbat… greater than wawbat… and capable of helping wawbat

Humans have been creating and defining godheads since we walked upright and realized that we had opposable thumbs… don’t get your panties in a bunch.

Now, i can get about the business of letting go and letting GOD

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