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Nervous Fish and Angry Beverages

i stopped by our old Chinese Food Carryout last night to pick up some veggies and steamed rice.  Their food was good enough (and convenient) when we were eating meat, but now? ewww… not so much. Not a good veggie option, but the folks are still nice.

photo by wawbat

The order was not only wrong (there was chicken in our veggies), but it was late… so i spent some time scoping out the goldfish in the huge fountain in the lobby area. Those were some mighty skittish fish … wowza… they must get traumatized on a regular basis. i finally caught sight of a few of them hiding in the faux cove… and snapped a pic. Poor fish. Look, i wouldn’t want to be any animal living on the premises of an establishment that served meat. It would make you nervous, yes?

photo by wawbat

Turning to leave the fish, i caught sight of this sign – which tickled me no end. What the heck is up with the bottle of beer in the middle there? That’s a major attitude.

All the other bottles and cans are happy, smiling, the two on the left look downright giddy… but that poor bastard in the middle needs a hug… big time…  maybe he’s a Nattie Light? That might explain it.

Note the writing: even the B in Bud Light and the C in Corona are smiling! That’s some happy shit)

Maybe the angry beer and the nervous fish can take a page out of Dory’s playbook… and…

Just Keep Swimming

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