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Slick with thoughts of you… and you… and you

Last night, i had an interesting IM encounter with J.

It began innocently enough… we’ve been messaging recently on fet… but it moved to an IM and in that world of back-and-forth banter, it quickly morphed into something else entirely. There was none of that “and then, i’ll do this… or that” but rather a frank discussion of likes and dislikes, of toys owned and tried, of bridges we’d like to cross and ones that we have burned… and it resulted in wawbat getting completely worked up. My mind was off and running with thoughts of J and then B… and maybe even You, dear reader… who can say?

Enter the world of self-pleasure… sigh… i completely objectified myself and stayed ’round long enough to do it again before breakfast.

i’ll probably see myself again tonight… smile… i’m just so easy.

Photo courtesy of

Clarence Carter’s “Strokin”

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