Music / Real life

Round and Round

i woke this morning to thoughts of helicopters. i could explain why i had helicopters on the brain, but you really don’t care… and it would take too long… plus i’m tired, m’kay?

As i gazed up at my ceiling fan, i thought again of helicopters… later, as i sat down to my computer, i did a google search and, sho’nuff, somebody else had the same idea… brilliant, eh?

But, as i told someone recently, helicopters aren’t terribly sexy… lol… jokes about them are even less so (side note to J: the helicopter chat didn’t have any effect on my body whatsover! i remained as i was).

Still, i think that the only way to make a helicopter sexy is to put a Marilyn in it.

The weekend is almost here ya’ll… hope you spend at least some of it wet or hard or just…?  Whatever floats your boat. i’ll be in and out for the next few days. Heading to the Power Exchange Summit tomorrow and will be there all weekend… Fun Fun Fun… and loads of great people expected. i’m going out on a limb here and saying my guess is this is just the first of many annual PXS summits… so if you can’t make it this year? Start thinking about next!

And now? a blast from the past… with big hair and bad clothing choices:

Ratt’s Round and Round

just so very very bad 😉

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