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They say that membership has its privileges.  This has become clear to me over the last few years. Sometimes we fear inclusion… fear the scarlet letters that might be stitched to us… fear the penalties that could be levied against us. Some of use fear real physical retribution. But the membership… the belonging… does have … Continue reading

Music / Real life

all of me

i realize that i get shy at weird times… in some ways, perhaps, it is an endearing quality… i get shy when i am complimented, for instance. And what greater compliment can be paid than for someone to train a lens on you? Each snap says, “what I see in you is something worth capturing… … Continue reading

Real life

Clover Clamps

The first bite’s hard but not so hard to bear… and they are sleek and mechanical… beautiful, even… cool metal against warm skin. Beautiful jewelry for the unsuspecting breasts. A chain drawn up so slowly there in front…  see the slack? no worries, pet… and then a quick tug Wicked science hard at work… sexy … Continue reading

Music / Real life

Bitch in heat

i’ve spent the last few days in perpetual heat, i tell ya. Ridiculous. The weekend provided many titillating moments and the rest of my sexual tension has been due – in large part – to J… who’s been rummaging around in the darkest recesses of my mind for all manner of whims… things i’ve not … Continue reading