Real life

And the weekend is over…

Photo of wawbat by wawbat

i’ll be posting more about the weekend later… but not too much. i will be circumspect with what i share, but it was such a comfortable place – with good people. Some of Y/you were there… so Y/you know what i’m talking about!

i did want to pop in to say that it was a fantastic experience… awareness building… one of growth.

And… yes, i did get to wear the corset  😉

i’m home and busy catching up on my ‘real’ work, y’know, the stuff that pays the bills.

Hey, G… thanks for the mango, luv… i’ll be eating it shortly.

And, J? thanks for lightening up the photo and sending it back to me. Nope… not going to put that one here… here’s one without the face!

If i owe Y/you an email? Please give me a chance to play catch-up!

Tired but Happy,


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