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Bitch in heat

Photo of wawbat by wawbat

i’ve spent the last few days in perpetual heat, i tell ya.


The weekend provided many titillating moments and the rest of my sexual tension has been due – in large part – to J… who’s been rummaging around in the darkest recesses of my mind for all manner of whims… things i’ve not thought of doing in years. And so, we’ve been dragging them out, dusting them off, and considering them all in turn.


i’m also tired… dead tired… because i’m dealing with a work deadline and the start of new ‘projects’ very soon. It’s all i can do to keep going, but i’ve managed to carve out some time for fun here and there and will be doing so again this weekend.

Tomorrow night it’s a party at Club Princeton and then on Saturday? i’m heading to Cincy to visit IKEA and Jungle Jim’s. IKEA needs no introduction… i love ikea… but Jungle Jims? This will be my first visit. Any place that has more than 1,600 types of cheese is worth a visit, don’t you think? Following all of that? i’m off to play… she smiles… looking forward to that… very much.

So, i’ll keep my  eyes pried open for the rest of the day, my legs tightly closed (she’s tried to escape several times already today… feral pussy that she is), and focus on making it to the weekend. Yum.

Liz Phair’s Flower

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