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Some Like it Hot

Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, i’ll find myself in an interesting position tomorrow night. i’m psyched.

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The evening starts with a meet-n-greet on one side of town (not sure if i will attend that or not) and then the party moves to Princeton where i get to attend to a few things on my bucket list… i’m looking forward to a few new experiences. First, i get naked in front of a bunch of people… check.

Then?  i get to be an instrument. There will be body drumming (yum) and firecupping, and maybe some firefleshing as well. None of these activities are mainstream in America, but firecupping has been around for thousands of years and is used in homeopathic circles. Plus, who the hell cares if wawbat is mainstream anyhow?

i’ve found someone who has years of experience and a solid reputation in our community, so i don’t fear injury. i am going in with an open mind but hoping for a beautiful experience… and a relaxing one at that.

Discomfort? sure. Pain? perhaps  😉   But only in a good way.

Maybe i’ll hate it… er… maybe i’ll love it… some like it hot

Photo Source: (not affiliated with my ‘fire’man)

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