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Items available for the (Columbus) Photo Shoot

If you aren’t part of the Columbus Kinky Photo C0-op,  this will be meaningless to you (i’d guess) so skip it if it puzzles you  😉

For the Kinksters in front of (or behind) the camera, the following items are available for your use free of charge (if you’re not going to harm them in any way) or for sale (if you plan on modifying or destroying them or you just WANT them). Let me know on fet if you’d like me to bring them on the day of the shoot. If you require more info on them prior to that? Drop me a note on fet and i’ll make every attempt to answer your questions.

i am NOT a photographer… just a wawbat with a camera phone… so forgive the photo quality on many of these… and thanks to MrM, who snapped pics of some of the smaller items for me. More pics to be added as i retrieve items from my ‘shop’ space.

CLICK on picture to enter “slideshow” where images are larger

Most of these items are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing them at the shoot or following it. let me know.

Hand truck (Approximately 48″ tall at tallest point and approximately 25″ wide at widest point)  with functioning wheels $50

SOLD Gloves, Long White Leather $12

Gloves, white leather $8

SOLD Gloves, black leather $10

Gloves, black cloth $5

Chesterfield Cigarette case $15

Hairbrush, small $18

Hairbrush, large &14

Paddle (Delinquency Eliminator) $12

Choker, black lace $5

Choker, brown leather $5

Vaginal Speculums, Stainless Steel (2 sizes)… have multiples $15 each (these have been boiled… if wish to use these, you will need to purchase them from me outright unless you are not ‘using’ them … use your imagination)

Ice tongs $10

Other items are labeled with descriptions and prices

In my spare time, i deal in vintage and antique items, so these are currently for sale and will be returned to my shop space following the shoot.

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