Real life

Starliner Diner (Hilliard/Columbus, Ohio)

Shameless plug here… i don’t know the owners, or even the manager. i don’t even know anyone who works there, but i do know that it was a fun visit… to a quirky place… and i loved my jueves rancheros (hot as hell… had to slide the peppers to the side… yowza). The small diner is in a nondescript strip mall (blink and you’ll miss it) and its walls are plastered with all manner of kitsch – including the most respectable collection of starburst clocks i’ve ever seen.

i visited about a week ago and promptly lost the pic on my PC…. just came across it. Better late than never?

Of course, if you choose to visit the Starliner Diner, you may not have quite as much fun as i did there… i had someone across the table who was paying lots of attention to me… above and below the table… smile… oh so very discreetly.

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