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On being Open

This morning, i was trying to find a word to describe the feeling i had… the feeling of being open to new experiences. Frustrated, i turned to the handy synonym feature of WORD and asked it to suggest other words. The results floored me. They also made me question our (English/American/Modern) attitudes towards the concept of being open.

Wow. Is it any wonder that we cringe at the thought of being vulnerable? There is nothing positive here. Each option suggests imminent danger… risk from another… weakness… oh, so much weakness.

So… as i become more open…

Does it make me Susceptible?  or leave me Exposed?

Perhaps, but to what?  Danger and Hurt? yes, but also joy and love and pleasure.

Does it make me weak?

No.  i choose this – it is not forced upon me.

Does it leave me Defenseless?

Sure… in its purest meaning… i have less defenses

Will i be Helpless?

No, but willing to accept help? Yes. How awesome is that?

Will i put myself In Danger? or At Risk?

Certainly, if i open myself to the wrong things… i must be safe and sane

So… open to? Yes, eyes wide open… and heart wide open… and absolutely willing to risk the consequences as i reap the rewards. Damn skippy.


Recently, a friend (thanks, D) posted the lyrics to this song while talking about her experiences with suspension. It was a beautiful expression of her own journey into opening up… and i think of it now. Here’s to letting go of our useless fears.

Josh Groban’s Let Me Fall

Hoody image found at :

2 thoughts on “On being Open

  1. So, so true my friend. I can’t tell you how often I use the term “be vulnerable” when coaching a manager at work and get very dubious looks in return. I then go on to explain how, in my opinion, the ability to be vulnerable is actually a great strength, not weakness. It takes strength to be willing to expose the areas where you have opportunity or need others to help you. It takes great strength to let others see where you have struggled in the past and where you are struggling now in addition to where you are super strong.

  2. Oh wow…I came across this a bit ago – goes right along with what we were talking about… “You will never been so in demand as when you fully disclose your humanity in all its frailty. Take a chance and drop your guard, you may just find that you’re carrying that rusty armor for no reason, and missing out on so much because of hiding behind it.”

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