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You’re gonna let it all hang out

There is something beautiful in the human form, particularly in the naked female form.  A discussion about possible photo scenes lead me to look through my stash of reclining nudes. my two favorite reclining nudes of all times are by Modigliani and Collins (below).

i love the colors in both. i’m taken with the passion-drenched weight of the Collins piece and the simplicity of Modigliani.

i’m fond of classic Rubenesque images. i delight in the women who are usually relaxing on or around lush fabrics and draped in more of the same. The softness is inviting…. nice, comforting and heady at the same time.

So, without further ado, my stash of images (Click them to enlarge and enter a slideshow). Skip to the bottom (no pun intended) for a taste of Queen.

Perhaps we can do something along these lines in photographic form. i think it would be lovely.

Queen’s Fat-Bottomed Girls

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