Music / Real life

i’ve grown accustomed

It is surprising – but not altogether frightening – how quickly we can form attachments to others. Some of these unions sweep us away with their emotional turbulence. Others quietly build in strength … unnoticed, really… until we are securely in the midst of something wonderful yet unexpected.

It’s usually the thought of losing the attachment that gives us a sense of just how strong it has become. We imagine – for a moment that the thread is broken… we cannot reach them… or they go away for vacation… and suddenly? Damn if we aren’t bound up in their lives. We are aware of their importance to us. We miss.

It’s bloody messy, this human existence. For those of us who like to pretend we aren’t a bundle of emotion and need… it’s uncomfortably messy sometimes.

Damn it… i’ve grown accustomed to Your face…

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