Music / Real life


Every wave is different.

This puzzles and delights me.

You puzzle and delight me.

When we meet, the waters are often still and smooth… beautiful… soothing, even.

Then there are the unexpected waves that knock me off my feet … leaving me bewildered… gasping for air

Or the waves that come one right after the other with no time to think or to process… demanding only that i ride them

It makes me wonder how many words there are in the human lexicon for orgasm… and i thought about this the last time we were together… when the second round of fun resulted in tears – good ones – cathartic, even.  i recalled the French phrase “La petite mort” or “the little death” and the similar phrasing in James Clavell’s Shogun. It is, sometimes, like a small death… like the overwhelming overload of our physical senses drive our very souls outside of our bodies – if only momentarily.

i like this tango, darlin

We should continue to dance.


Аргентинское танго ШОУ ДУЭТ


And, while the visuals in the above video are perfect… my favorite audio version of Libertango is the one by Rodrigo y Gabriela:



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