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The Light is On

When my daughter was very young, the rule for special days… Christmas, Birthdays, etc… was… “You can’t wake up mommy and daddy until it is light outside.

Needless to say, this meant that my wee child would take position on the sofa or other perch near a window and watch as light would fill the sky… then she would bound to our room, fling open the door, and pounce on the bed (and us). She’d begin shouting in a sing-song fashion… “The light is on! The light is on!

It was cute… as if there was an enormous wall switch somewhere that was thrown each morning and an equally large lightbulb in the sky. It made sense to her as a child, and she continued to use that phrase (as did we) long after she understood the nature of the sun. Occasionally, she and i still emerge from movie theaters or our own front door and say it.

Why on earth am i telling you this? Well, it’s cute, for starters. Kids are cute as hell. But because that is what came to mind this morning as i rolled out of bed…

The light is on!

And i wanted to hop on beds and wake people up with the pronouncement… because it is a good day… a fun day… and when i am happy, i want other people to be happy too. When something exciting is happening, i want everyone to experience it.

Today is our monthly kinky co-op shoot and we’re taking it out of town to a private residence with an enormous dungeon inside and a nice back wooded area. We’ve got full run of the place and i think there will be awesome energy.  i’ll be riding up with two people who are great fun and i’m lead photographer on one scene and modeling in another. Perhaps… with permission of the participants… i may just post one or two photos of that scene here (we’ll see if we get a good shot with NO faces!).

So… whatever you are doing today, i hope you have as much fun as i will have. If you aren’t doing anything today – oh please DO find something that makes you want to hop around like a lunatic shouting…

The light is on!

God is a DJ (Pink)

(my apologies if you are subjected to political ads before viewing this video. i wish they’d take the millions they are ALL spending on this crap and pass it out like candy, or pay down the national debt, or BURN it for heaven’s sake… anything but this drivel)


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