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gathering moss… a stone stops

Photographer & Model: wawbat

i’ve been largely absent from this blog – not because i have nothing to say but because i’ve no desire to say it all here. It is enough, right now, for me to experience things and reflect on them. Still, i miss the process of putting my thoughts down on paper screen, seeing them in black and white. It helps me unpack the thoughts and often allows me to walk away from things that need to be in my rearview mirror.

Today i’ve stopped by to reflect on some of the shifts in my life… in myself.

i think i’ve always been an optimistic person, or… perhaps somewhere solidly between realism and optimism?

i’ve had some hard knocks and i always get up.

i smile more than i frown and laugh far more than i cry.

Most people would tell you that i am a happy person. i am, for the most part.

Lately, though, i’ve just slowed it down a bit… life, that is. i’ve tried to be present for the big shit and the small stuff. i’ve always noticed the little stuff but never gave it too much import.

So that’s been the one little big shift in my life.  i’ve a debt of gratitude to those who are helping me as i stretch, and wait, and then pounce on life… my sweet BS, dear bd, my passionate MrM and a host of friends… all giving me space and time to experiment with this life i’ve been given. i thank them all.

It has allowed me to appreciate things… that little bit of displaced moss, for instance… seemingly insignificant but what i needed in that particular moment in time. With just a slow shift, i find myself enjoying everything… from people to  food to orgasms… more thoroughly.

Slowing down has allowed me to live more in the present, less in the past, and seldom in the future.

i’ve always liked the little things, but i’m finding that some of my favorite things are now the littlest.

This brings me joy.

i am grateful for it.

My Favorite Things: Olivia Ong Version

Bobby McFerrin’s version is funky and then… at the end? Funny as hell:

And, for the purists out there (smile),  from The Sound of Music:

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