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i have been giving some thought to my sanity and the sanity of others. The other day, there was one of those brief conversations at the casa de wawbat.  After reading something aloud to my daughter that seemed both unpredictable and crazy, i looked across the room to her and: me:  i don’t think of myself … Continue reading

Music / Real life

Dare to Live

i’ve recently been troubled by ghosts. Not the ethereal kind… but the ones i carry. i am learning to love myself in ways i never thought possible, but along with that evolution has come an unexpected side effect: hate Maybe it is more anger than hate? i cannot say for certain, but it is a … Continue reading

Real life

A 2×4 up-side my head

i’m working from home today and tidying up some things on my old computer… switching to the new laptop (tedium… blech). Here’s what just struck me: On January 26th, i posted about my desire to UNlearn scripts from my childhood. That post included this: … i am struggling with trusting people with my inadequacies or … Continue reading