Real life

A 2×4 up-side my head

i’m working from home today and tidying up some things on my old computer… switching to the new laptop (tedium… blech).

Here’s what just struck me:

On January 26th, i posted about my desire to UNlearn scripts from my childhood. That post included this:

… i am struggling with trusting people with my inadequacies or my perceived inadequacies. … understand,  or at least i think i do… the source for this behavior. What i don’t have a firm grip on is what to do with that knowledge or how to go about changing that behavior…i’m just not comfortable being the person who asks for help. i don’t like feeling stupid or helpless… 

What did i toss out to the universe? A proclamation that i knew i had this lesson to learn, but i couldn’t figure out how to learn it.

Be careful, as bd has told me… what you put out to the universe (smile). Apparently, the universe was listening.

And? the universe forced me to learn this lesson. i’m still learning it, truth be told. i was literally swept off my feet, the proverbial rug pulled out from under me… i landed flat on my ass.

i’d like to say that i don’t need to be walloped up-side my head with a 2×4 to get a message, but apparently, i do.

Message received… and i’m beginning to internalize it and others around me are learning lessons too.

Thank You?

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