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i have been giving some thought to my sanity and the sanity of others. The other day, there was one of those brief conversations at the casa de wawbat.  After reading something aloud to my daughter that seemed both unpredictable and crazy, i looked across the room to her and:

me:  i don’t think of myself as unpredictable or crazy.

her:  You aren’t unpredictable – I can predict your crazy.

And there you have it. Truth is, she was being funny… this is our way… but in humor lies a sliver of truth, yes?

i can be crazy but i’m educated and self-reflexive enough to know it.

i can be crazy but my behavior mostly remains this side of rational and nowhere near dangerous.

Still, i am not altogether sane, y’know? And given my family history… that sometimes scares me more than a little bit. Perhaps i should start worrying in earnest when i think i’m absolutely sane.

Amanda Palmer’s Runs in the Family

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