Music / Real life

Stay with me


There are moments in life when i take notice.

i ought to do it more frequently.

Plodding along, i catch sight of something and…



A perfect example was when i recently realized i had smile lines that didn’t go away when i stopped smiling.

When did that happen?

Today i had such a moment when it occurred to me that He had become part of my day in such a way that His absence made me thirst. The realization wasn’t scary but it was surprising. It sent me to a quiet place where i held His collar in His stead, circling it with my left hand… acknowledging to myself (and later to Him) the very real desire for connection.

When did that happen?

Resta Qui (Stay with me) – Andrea Bocelli

Painting: Thirst (1886) by William Adolphe Bouguereau

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