Real life

i’m not lost


i had some errands to run today and they took me to some unfamiliar corners of the city (and beyond).

With GPS set, i left Delaware county and headed to Dublin. i rolled down the window, soaked in the very pleasant day, sneezed a bit and just drove.

Up ahead, i caught sight of a sign that said “Rathbone” and i realized that for the last twenty minutes or so, i didn’t really have a clue where i was. i knew i was in Northeast Ohio… i knew i’d end up an address in Dublin, but i did not know where i was.

i rather liked it. That’s what surprised me. i’m not a person who generally enjoys being without such information, but i liked it just fine today.


Further down the road i saw the telltale brown signage that indicated a public park and i turned in, parked next to a lake, opened the door, kicked out my good leg and the bum one too and just sat. Some nice guy asked if i needed help and i declined with a thank you.

i sat staring at the sun for a moment, trying to recall how long you can do that without “going blind” and then i watched this guy with a gray handkerchief in his left back pocket. Considering the brood he was with, i’m not inclined to think he knew what signals he may have been sending… who knows… maybe? i sat. i watched baby ducks with their mommas and wished i had my good camera with me.

i texted Master and told Him,
“i’m not lost, but i’ve no clue where i am. Nice, this…”


To me, being lost is when you aren’t where you want to be, aren’t where you should be. It’s about being in an anxious state. If you had asked me for about an hour today… “Where are you, bat?” all i could have told you is “Here” and y’know what? Here was just fine.

As i left, i caught the park sign in my camera phone. So now i knew where i was – sort of – and that was okay too. It was a beautiful day for driving and for not driving.

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