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Young at Heart (or should i say YAH?)

yoloi confess, i’m not as up-to-speed on pop culture as i once was.

Never is this fact driven home with more force than with the texts i receive. These hiccups of communication force me to question if i’m reading a typo or an acronym that’s sprung up from  the digisphere.

We (as in, people over the age of 40) started this nonsense, i suppose with all of the lovely military speak like SNAFU or FUBAR. Payback is a bitch.

 i mastered the art of LOL and learned that i could even ROTFLMAO. When things puzzled me, i was all-like-WTF?  and when i left my keyboard, i knew that telling someone brb was appropriate… especially when taking a bio-break.

Just when i think, i’ve got it… some new fresh acronym hell crosses my screen.

Today, at casa de bat:

me: What does “YOLO” mean?

K: You only live once

me: And what does “HAM” mean?

K: I explained this to you before

me: Obviously, i forgot.

K: Obviously (deep sigh) it means “Hard as a Mother…” and the “F” is implied

me: why do you use acronyms when it would be just as fast to say the actual thing?

K: The acronyms are much faster, what takes time is explaining them to your elders.

Ouch. i’m an elder. Oh well, i’m old but you’ve got no clue, little girl, how i bring it.  HAM? You have no idea, sweetie  😉  but momma loves you.

Jimmy Durante’s “Young at Heart”

Forgive any commercials that may play.

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