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For my Captain (Creamy OR Chunky)

i woke… after sleeping half the night and decided to take the plunge and then return to sleep.

Because you have been my friend for a third of my life (wow, how is that possible?)

Because you always loved me – the way only a man with no ulterior motives can

Because, while i may have given you pause, i never seemed to scare you off

Because you make me think and smile and think some more

Because i always knew that from you i’d get no bullshit

but mostly

Because the thought of not having you in my life saddened me far more than the fear of exposing my soft underbelly ever could…

i open this door and invite you in.

Step carefully at first, my dear friend, at least until your eyes adjust.

A Wink and a Smile (Harry Connick, Jr)


One thought on “For my Captain (Creamy OR Chunky)

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