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On the 8th day, God created the Derp (sometimes a nap DOESN’T help)

jesusK: I hate your dogs.

me: my dogs? Your dogs too.

K: No… not Derp (we call the one dog “Derp” because he is… well, DERPY)

me: Holding up a vintage picture of Jesus with the sacred heart (don’t ask why i had this at hand… i was working on a project) His eye is on the sparrow, but i wonder if he watches out for Derp.

K: Nah

me: Poor Derp, they say there are no mistakes in nature, what would Jesus say about the Derp?

K: He’d say, “I didn’t make that…. That might have been my dad, but that wasn’t me”

Gulp. Another blasphemous casa-de-wawbat moment from my spawn.

But ya’ gotta love DOGS… and don’t they all go to heaven? C’mon over to the BARK SIDE:

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