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i cried so hard this morning… got in such a state… that i experienced pulsatile tinnitus.

Yup, there’s a word for it… found the term. It’s that whooshing sound in your ear… akin to the ocean or other such nonsense that ought not be in your ear… and it pulses in time with your heartbeat.

When i heard it… felt it… i went into mini-meditation-mode, calming my heart rate, breathing, breathing… until it passed. Still, an hour or so later… here i am in full-google-mode doing searches to give this thing a name – to understand its physiological source.


We are amazingly strong yet fragile creatures. This morning, i felt with such a fury that my body went into overload. “Suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door” only, in this case, the chamber in question was one in my mammalian heart … not sure which… and my body signaled its distress.

Blood flow quickened, veins too small, ears confused…



i kept thinking… there’s a song that i’ve heard recently that reminded me of this… the pulsing… and i went off in search of it. Found it, and marveled at the lyrics. Regardless of what the writer had in mind, i know what it means to me.

Massive Attack: Teardrop

Please excuse any leading commercials… sigh… whatcha’ gonna do?

Credit where credit is due:
Pulsatile tinnitus:
The Raven:
Heartbeat image:

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