Music / Real life

Door Ajar


Sometimes You swing open the door to my brain suddenly

An unannounced visitor who catches me off guard

Maybe it is because  i’ve done – or am about to do – something wonky and You arrive as the voice of reason, a challenge to my status quo, a not-so gentle reminder of promises made, of goals set, of purposeful actions undertaken? Maybe this is just so new and i forgot i gave You the key?

You startled me a bit

i didn’t see You there

Other times – like today – it is more like we’re in the same house, puttering around on different projects… You wander in and out… You nod…

We just… are

Odd to me how quiet i’ve gone just now , in the midst of my busy day

Unusual how still i feel inside myself

Hello, there, Master

i’ll try to leave the door open

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

(forgive any leading ads)

Credit where credit is due:

Photo was found here

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