Real life


i have a great deal of processing to do about the weekend i just spent at GLLA and the leather i earned there. i was surprised and humbled into silence by the presentation.


That’s a rare bat occurrence.

leather pridei arrived home with my leather vest and realized that … in order for it to be respected, i was going to have to say something to my spawn about it (we share a small space and do not have a lot of privacy within it). i came in and showed it to her and said that i was a member of a Leather Family (i didn’t define that for her) and that the vest wasn’t a prop or to be tried on or borrowed. That it had great meaning to me.

Because she watches gang documentaries, as i turned away, i said,

By the way, i didn’t have to kill anybody to earn this vest.”
She shrugged and (in perfect spawn fashion) replied,
I didn’t ask, did I?”
i love my child.

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