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Master GPS

In the last few days, i’ve had occasion to look to the night skies and the stars in all their glory.

The North Star was especially beautiful – as it generally is. It’s the North Star, after all. As a child, it was one of the lessons of country living – just as the moss growing on the Northern side of trees – the star served as a constant – a way to navigate. So, last night, when sleep eluded me and i lay in bed, that was where my mind went… to the North Star.

And to Master.

It might seem hyperbolic to someone outside our dynamic, but Master is my North Star.

It is Polaris (from the Latin Stella Polaris which meant, literally, “Pole Star”). It’s always right there… at the end of the handle of the little dipper. It is a constant. A guide. As is He. 

The Navajo refer to the star as the “Fire Star” while to some Native Americans it was “The-Star-That-Does-Not-Walk-Around”. Among the Skidi of the Pawnee, it was called the “Chief Star” and its creator is said to have instructed the star: “You shall stand in the north. You shall not move; for you shall be the chief of all the gods that shall be placed in the heavens, and you shall watch over them”. It is said that Skidi chiefs emulated the star, being careful in their actions, temperaments, voices. They strove – like the star – to be stable… to be worthy guardians of the people. The people needed constancy… the star provided this.

Because of its position above the North Pole, it is regarded as the most important star in the heavens. Polaris IS the mariner’s star.

i see Master in that star… serving both as my guide and as example. i chart my course by Him. The North Star has been called by many names by many people (i gathered some of those names below).

my favorite names?



Ta Shin…

or… well… Master.


Mozart’s Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

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