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Mendela, King, and me (Namaste)

i’ve got an incredibly busy day ahead but – as a discussion last night pointed out – sometimes we simply must tell ourselves to JUST STOP… to attend to what is more important.

i stopped because i had such a convergence of thoughts that seemed to have a common thread but there was clutter woven in and around… i had to just stop and unravel.

It started simply enough, i think, with a memorial post for Mendela on a friend’s facebook page and his passing reminded me of Martin Luther King. That swept me to a memory of the scene from “Across the Universe”  with news of his assasination and to one of my favorite songs from that movie… the remake of the Beatle’s “While my Guitar Gently Weeps”

And then… this… from a tumblr i stumbled upon:

I will tell you, my daughter 
of your worth 
not your beauty 
Your beauty is a given.
Every being is born beautiful.
Knowing your worth 
can save your life.
Raising you on beauty alone, 
you will be starved,
you will be raw,
you will be weak,
easy clay always in need of someone telling you how beautiful you are.
(Emotional Nutrition by Nayyirah Waheed)

And then i realized it… what i was thinking and feeling was the loss of a great person but someone like me…. that we are all great people and that we all suffer oppression of some form or another and that we are all capable of making the world more beautiful and loving… of bringing love and compassion to one another… uplifting others… of shuffling off this mortal coil and leaving the world better for having our footsteps upon it.

He is me. i am him. We are us. i just feel overwhelmed with the magnitude yet simplicity of that right now. i nod, to Mendela. i am glad you died an old man… a free man, Nelson.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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