Music / Real life

i’m drinking what used to be sin


Yesterday, i recalled two songs that i liked from Blue October and tossed their one album into my Amazon cart. i had never heard the other songs on the album and some i dig, others? not so much.

Ah, but this… this song speaks to me today.
Sometimes, i write too much, it seems.

He finds the exercise useful to me so He tolerates it well enough (smile). It’s one of the ways i process, i suppose and i’m sure it’s a way to connect when i cannot otherwise. i’m glad that i have the outlet and that i’ve managed to keep it free from passive-aggressive bullshit (i think, at least, that i do a good job of that). So… the song… it did speak to me:

school is out“My words

they pour like children to the playground

You make me smile…

….I’m drinking what used to be sin”

Blue October – you make me smile

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